Friday, January 28, 2011

1st Relief Carving 1999

I've always enjoyed learning different techniques of art.  Most of all my art work is self taught, and a lot of reading.
Below is a carving done a shelving board.  I bought my self a dermal tool and started playing around with it.  Later, I sketched this little squirrel setting on a limb having dinner. In the far back ground I laid in some mountains, to give it a more distance look.  Then I filled in more areas with smaller pine limbs with pine needles.  I used different tips to see what kind of markings each of them would make. I took down the deepest layer with a big cutting tool on its side.
Depending on the way the light shines on the project, gives it different shadow effects, which is awesome.
Love doing these carvings.
1st Relief Carving
Squirrel on pine limb
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