Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Young Indian Warrior"

Native American people are part of my culture. I have two Great Grandmothers whom both were Cherokee.

I take very much pride in painting my Native culture. Even if its only a little blood, its still family.

Native American's way of life, is strong and full of spirit. Native American's have pride and freedom, that has made them into who they trully are today. With studing there customs and ways of life, I wonder what life would be like.

I try to capture there spirit and widsom in my paintings, such as, there life styles, ceremonies and there legends. Even things they crafted with there own hands from nature.

Young Indian Warrior
9"x 12" Oil Painting
On canvas panel

For Sale:
$365.00 - Includes shipping cost
(price DON"T include frame)


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