Friday, January 28, 2011

Note to all my guest

Art by: Sherry Maxwell,  would like to "Thank you" for coming and visiting!
My Blog site is new and I still have lots to add to it.  Most of my past art work, has been "Sold".

I'll be adding photo's of some of my past work soon.  So, please be sure to come back and visit.

My past work include mainly, landscapes and folk art.  Also i've created some relief carvings, which I will display a few of those to. I love doing a wide variety of mediums,
but the most favorite of all, is Oil's.

Currently I'm working on another still life, then onto some small nature work.  When spring returns, I'll
be painting lots of nature, more still life, and landscapes this year.

Please, let me know if you see something you would like to have or would like for me to paint for you. I do take commissons.

Thank you and many Blessings,

Sherry Maxwell
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