Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Painting in a dark room

Paint like the masters do...something I have learned from taken this wonderful course with The Carder Method, is that he teaches you to work in a blacken out room. NO glare anywhere!  Suggest that you paint the room all black top and bottom.
Some folks may not be able to have a studio, so here is a little idea I've done to get by until I have completed building my studio.

May sound a little funny, but it works. I blacken all my walls like this: I bought several king size BLACK flat sheets, then I fed a heavy cord though the top part like a curtain.  After that I had my husband screwed in hook screws for me to hang the end of the cords on. Now I can slide them open at my window area when I need to, or I push the sheets to the corners of the room. My reason for using sheets is because I'm having to use my daughters bedroom, for now which is my guess room too. Being, I don't think my guess would want black painted walls in there room . Just slide the sheets to a corner when company comes.
I know a few other artist that uses black paper, so they to don't have to paint the walls.

This idea works great for my tempo studio!


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