Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beautiful Day!!

I had a wonderful day today.  It's been awhile getting out of the house. My sweet hubby took me to the Asheville Mall today. Yeah! Boy it was crowdy.  Had our self a great lunch there and enjoyed looking around.  He bought a great CD "Zack Brown".  My favorite is "Sugarland". 

Anyway, I got to go to Books-a-million too, bought a book called: Social Media Marketing...yah, for the Complete Idiot's that's me. But sure learning alot though.  Hope to be able to apply more of it to my network.

I'm new at blogging, but Love doing something new.  Soon as I get more of my paintings completed and posted, I plan on doing alot of blogging.  I love sharing spiritual toughts and quotes.  Also hope to add lots of good info for all of use art lovers. :)

My blog is new so Please bare with me and please keep checking...Love having you drop in.

Have a wonderful safe weekend.  Cant wait for warm dry weather so my hubby and I can go riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Best place in the world, like God's love everywhere.  Also, a wonderful please to take photo's.


Hubby's Harley

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