Monday, March 21, 2011

"Chief Joseph"

"Chief Joseph" is finished. 
8 x lO oil painting
On a canvas panel

(Chief Joseph is a Nez Perce Indian (1832-1904)
Joseph was forced from his native homeland in 1877, leading 750 of his
people on a three month, 1300 mile flight, defeating the US army in seven
major battles before being captured by General Nelson Miles within 40 miles
of the Canadian border and sanctuary, where he envisioned joining Sitting Bull
and his exiled people.  Upon his surrender, Joseph said, "I will fight no more forever."
As I was painting him, I could just feel the sadness, and mixed emotions in his face.
I tried to capture that feeling as I painted.  He is full of honor and strenght.

He is up For sale,
$295.00 Original painting w/no frame
Shipping is included

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