Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday and Saturday supper! Mmmm Good :)

Hi everyone...hope everyone is enjoying there day today.  Its been just beautiful here, but a little on the cool side. Sun is shinning and giving me spring fever. Can't wait to start opening up the windows and doing some good spring cleaning. Been trying to get over a bad cold for now, doctor orders no cleaning :(. 
I've just put together a big pot of homemade chili. Thought I would get another pot full in before hot weather, being my husband really doesn't care for chili in hot weather :). Don't know why? 

The meal for tomorrow is a homemade meatloaf, which he and my son truly love.  They like it alot as a cold meatloaf sandwich. Not me! ewh

There will be lots of rain coming tomorrow, so glad to have a jump on the cooking.  Love having most of my Saturday's for my hubby and Sunday's for the Lord. 
We go to a outstanding Baptist church called Mud Creek, yep Mud Creek Baptist Church here in our beautiful town of Hendersonville.
It big and beautiful there. Just love the people. 

Well I've been working on another art piece of the Blue Ridge Parkway, alone with working on my
Whispers of Angels. I like having a couple going, so that way the background of a landscape can be drying. Makes things a lot easier for me to put in beautiful flowers and such.  My Whispers of Angels is my 2nd ever still life, so its taking me sometime to get it finished. Sorry about that.

Well just wanted to share alittle what I've been up today. Its nice to have some of my energy back :).
Wishing all of you a wonderful and fulfilling weekend.  God bless, and come back to visit soon!!
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