Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Art Studio

   This is a photo of my tempo Art Studio. The area was my den, put my husband and I are remodeling it into my tempo Art studio.  As you can see, we have alot to do yet. Plans are to put on covering black curtains like the ones on the sliding glass door, on all of the white walls.  Now to your right, is my large drafting table, that I'm currently using as a table to hold my books, printer and my two table easels. On the end of this table is a cart on wheels, that I roll out and around when I'm painting. It holds my smaller size un-used canvas and all of my paints. Straight back against the wall, you can see my shadow box. To the left of the shadow box, is my small drafting table. For the time being, I'm using this for my laptop and and lying my glass palates on. To your fall left is my Mabef easel. Oh love this easel. I use it for all of my larger paintings.  As you can see, I have little round table to the left of my Mabef easel for chatting with friends and talking to clients.  There is a gas log fireplace right next to the little table which is cosy in
the winter.

Tempo Art Studio

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Art- In the making

A note from: "Graceful Artistry"

Wow what a wonderful Carolina blue sky day it has been here in the Western Carolina's on North Carolina. If you have never been in these parts, well you need to make a trip. This time of the year is just beautiful. Fall time of the year is gorgeous. The mint spring colors and all of the spring flowers are just breath taking this year. Believe me, there are many places to take photos for great art ideas.

Photo early spring last year up at Mt. Mitchel on the BRP
My daughter enjoying the beautiful view of the BRP

I only live about 20 miles from the Asheville, NC area to get onto the Blue Ridge Parkway. Oh what a wonderful National Park this is. 

I'm setting out on my front porch swing this afternoon. Just enjoying the valley view and listening to the song birds sing there songs.  God is good!

I've been reading and studying up on creating a Arts & Crafts booth for a show. Couple of the places that I'm going to have a show at, require you to have photos of your booth, and pictures of your art.  This is a exciting time for me, so i want my booth to be special.  I'm thinking of creating something alone the line of maybe a Art Studio theme. What do you think? If you have any special idea let me know. I would love to see some of your booth ideas.

Well, my hubby and I had a wonderful luncheon with his mother today.  It was so special. She has been in a foot cast and boot for over a month. Believe me she is ready to get back to work.  At the age of 79, she still works as a RN here in town, 3 days a week. A wonderful lady  she is.

Friends, I wish all of you a very wonderful week coming up.  Hope you get lots of paintings done and crafts created.
Stay well and safe!

"Graceful Artistry"

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Artist Oil paintings

Welcome to "Graceful Artistic" blog. Art by Sherry Maxwell.
Hope you will find a piece of Art that inspires you to want to take one home.

All of my paintings are original, either on canvas panels or stretched canvas.  Painted with great quality paints, and varnish with top quality art varnish for non-yellowing.

All paintings are shipped Free of charge in the USA.

Please get in touch with Sherry Maxwell, if you would like to commission some work with her.

Thank you for dropping in. Have a great week!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New name for my blog

Hi everyone! Hope all is Well with all of my follower and friends.  I've been working all night, on coming up with a name for my blog.  "GRACEFUL ARTISTRY". Let me know what you think of it.

Graceful means: smooth, elegant, polished, charming, beautiful, lovely.
Artistry means:  Art, skill, expertness, gift, craftsmanship, talent.

I felt like these two words fit my work of arts.  How I love the word, GRACE! Just like God, full of compassion and glory.

As I work on one of my projects, I try hard to put lots of compassion into my work.  I truly love painting, and it gives me a great since of full-fillment just knowing that I'm sharing it with you.  Hope that you to, will find in one or more of my art works, the Graceful Artistry within.



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"My guardian Angel"

My Guardian Angel, gives me the sense of a Angel watching over me.  Its a good feeling to know you have someone there keep you in line, and supporting you alone the way.

This is a Angel I've been working during a painting marathon. Its been a little challenging for me cause of lack of sleep. lol  Its a WIP now, I still have a little more to do with her.  I started out making a design from a wedding model, then I chose a dress for her to wear.  I add some wings, so that way she would be angelic figure.  Love angels they are a big presents in my life.

I'll be updating her in the next few days.  She is on a ll'x14' stretched canvas and will be up FOR SALE.

Be sure to come back and see her finished.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Awesome bike ride!

Well, this past Sunday, April 3rd, My husband wanted to get his harley out an take a ride.  We decided to take a trip around some of our beautiful mountains here in North Carolina.  We left Hendersonville and headed down toward South Carolina.  Then we took hwy. SC-11 and headed west, a scenic route. The weather was just awesome, around 70 degrees. When we got to hwy. 28, we headed back North-West. Going toward Highlands, NC. WOW,  this mountain road was just beautiful. The trees were full of pastel colors , and the flowers give you spring fever for sure. All this just made the ride even better.  Down on SC-ll, the white dogwoods were in full bloom. Just beautiful.

As we entered Highlands, I took a couple photos of the area: The mtns up there were just breath taken.

We left Hwy. 28 an got onto Hwy. 64 East, heading back toward home. The next pretty litle town to come to, was Cashiers, NC. This little country town is full of antiques and crafts. About 5 years ago, my husband and I worked for a construction company that built golf course's...we help to build a couple of golf courses here in Cashiers. I just love it up here. 

Now heading down the mountain, the next little town we stopped at  Sapphire, NC. They have a wonderful Art and Craft show here. Next to Sapphire is a little commuinty called Lake Toxaway. Just Beautiful there, with lots of Golf Course's and camping.

As we were leaving the mountain, we came upon a wild fire...they now have it contained. :(  Sure hope it didn't burn much. Our travel lead us though another wonderful town called Brevard, NC.  They are known for the "White Squirrels" and art & craft shows to.

Our ride was just wonderful, full of beauty and wonder.  I hope you enjoy  looking at the photos I took.
It was a very relaxing trip for us both.  Took around 6 hours to do the whole ride, but it was well worth it.  The best part was, it didn't take $9.00 worth of gas for the whole ride. :)
Thanks for checking out my site: till next time have a wonderful blessed week!

Our stop in Sapphire, Hubby was getting cold...the temp was ever
bit 10 to 15 degrees colder up here.

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