Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Awesome bike ride!

Well, this past Sunday, April 3rd, My husband wanted to get his harley out an take a ride.  We decided to take a trip around some of our beautiful mountains here in North Carolina.  We left Hendersonville and headed down toward South Carolina.  Then we took hwy. SC-11 and headed west, a scenic route. The weather was just awesome, around 70 degrees. When we got to hwy. 28, we headed back North-West. Going toward Highlands, NC. WOW,  this mountain road was just beautiful. The trees were full of pastel colors , and the flowers give you spring fever for sure. All this just made the ride even better.  Down on SC-ll, the white dogwoods were in full bloom. Just beautiful.

As we entered Highlands, I took a couple photos of the area: The mtns up there were just breath taken.

We left Hwy. 28 an got onto Hwy. 64 East, heading back toward home. The next pretty litle town to come to, was Cashiers, NC. This little country town is full of antiques and crafts. About 5 years ago, my husband and I worked for a construction company that built golf course's...we help to build a couple of golf courses here in Cashiers. I just love it up here. 

Now heading down the mountain, the next little town we stopped at  Sapphire, NC. They have a wonderful Art and Craft show here. Next to Sapphire is a little commuinty called Lake Toxaway. Just Beautiful there, with lots of Golf Course's and camping.

As we were leaving the mountain, we came upon a wild fire...they now have it contained. :(  Sure hope it didn't burn much. Our travel lead us though another wonderful town called Brevard, NC.  They are known for the "White Squirrels" and art & craft shows to.

Our ride was just wonderful, full of beauty and wonder.  I hope you enjoy  looking at the photos I took.
It was a very relaxing trip for us both.  Took around 6 hours to do the whole ride, but it was well worth it.  The best part was, it didn't take $9.00 worth of gas for the whole ride. :)
Thanks for checking out my site: till next time have a wonderful blessed week!

Our stop in Sapphire, Hubby was getting cold...the temp was ever
bit 10 to 15 degrees colder up here.

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