Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Art Studio

   This is a photo of my tempo Art Studio. The area was my den, put my husband and I are remodeling it into my tempo Art studio.  As you can see, we have alot to do yet. Plans are to put on covering black curtains like the ones on the sliding glass door, on all of the white walls.  Now to your right, is my large drafting table, that I'm currently using as a table to hold my books, printer and my two table easels. On the end of this table is a cart on wheels, that I roll out and around when I'm painting. It holds my smaller size un-used canvas and all of my paints. Straight back against the wall, you can see my shadow box. To the left of the shadow box, is my small drafting table. For the time being, I'm using this for my laptop and and lying my glass palates on. To your fall left is my Mabef easel. Oh love this easel. I use it for all of my larger paintings.  As you can see, I have little round table to the left of my Mabef easel for chatting with friends and talking to clients.  There is a gas log fireplace right next to the little table which is cosy in
the winter.

Tempo Art Studio
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