Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Natures "Beauty"

Our Mountain Laura or some call it "Rhododendron" that is in my back yard this year was so pretty!  I just have to share them with you. The plants are around 7 yrs old.  They are much fuller this year.

I'm sorry about not posting much this past month, my back has put me in the bed alot. I'm doing some better for now.
Hopefully, soon I'll get a chance to try one of these photo's as my next painting project.

The Hosta were more fuller this year than they have been. I think they are 3 yrs old now.
We have had so much rain here in the Great Smoky Mtn's, alone with plenty of "heat". It really has made things grow good this year. 

I have to say, it has made the weeds down in the garden really grow to. Its been hard for my husband to keep up with them.  All of our potatoes and green beans are doing beautifully, but NONE of our corn came up. :(
The rabbits enjoyed themselfs on our squash and sweet peas. We lost all of them.  My husband is going to have to figure out a method to keep the little critters under control and out of our garden next year!
Our white potatoes are coming in, but the little red potatoe's are not quit ready. But, how ever, we did dig up a few white potatoes to put into a fresh pot of green beans, and we had a big cake of cornbread to go with them.  "mmmm" it was so good to eat fresh veggies. There isn't nothing like freshness.  Can't wait for the tomatoes!!

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