Thursday, September 8, 2011

Leather Art Journal

1st page in Leather Art Journal
1st page in my new leather art journal
    For awhile, I was holding off on painting my first page in my journal.
Wanting something with color, and something that I love to look at.
Having a thing for flowers and song birds, made my choice pretty easy.
So my choice, as you can see, was a beautiful flower.  With having a
green thumb, flowers do bring me great joy. Hope for my near future, to have a small greenhouse.  I want my husband to build one using old
windows and old doors, as part of the design.
Also, hoping to have on the backside of the greenhouse, a "Art Studio". 
What could one ask for, having both of your passions together under the
same roof. :*) 
Hope you enjoy looking at this little sketch-watercolor, as much as I do.
Till I complete another painting, take care and may
you have God's blessings
upon you.
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