Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Artist Journals put to use.

New Artist Journal

Sorry i've not posted in awhile. Been having alot going on around home. Funeral, sickness and busy learning a new techique.  I've been practicing with watercolors for the first time. Way different than oil paints. But, they are sure growing on me fast.  I've also been creating new handmade journals. The journal cover below, was made out of a old recycled womens purse. The leather was still in great condition, so I took the purse apart, then used the strap and the leather to create this wonderful new journal. The papers are some of my watercolor paper I have, and I inserted extra pages for
more journalin notes.  Now, its ready for my art work!
Added this quick little sketch today. I was
enjoying the morning breeze and watching
the little hummers fight over the sweet water
feeder I have on my front porch. What a delight!

One of my first sketches in my NEW leather
handmade journal. Love this little artist

This watercolor sketch is in the
first journal I made Pen & Ink
with watercolors

    I purchased 3 new watercolor bottle brushes last week, and I truly love them. They are a must...for any artist who enjoys quick sketches and pen and inks that you want to include watercolor. They are also great to use with watercolor pencils, which is what I used on the sketch of the oak leaf today.  You just add your water to the little bottle that screws onto the end of your nylon paint brush, and "PRESTO" you have water and no need to carry any water jugs.  Its a wonderful tool that has been added to my art supplies for traveling.

This Warbler is a pen & ink with watercolor.
I painted this in my 1st journal.
This is the start of my
Warbler sketch. Just
pen & ink. 
This is a older pencil sketch
on water paper. I'll be painting
this later.

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