Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Journal finds & new book cover

 New "bargain" find Journals

Went walking at our mall this past Sunday, and noticed the book
store was going out of business.  Descided to go take a look at what
they had left in the store.  Most of everything was gone or picked
though.  But, over in the corner, they had a tray with some little
journals on it.  Got to looking and they had all of them marked down
to 60% Off.   Wow...that meant the large ones were only $4.00 & the
small ones were only $2.00.  So I descided to get 4 of them.  They are
great little journals.  With pockets, some pages with lines, some with
grids, and some pages blank. Pretty neat!

Here is a "FREE" bargain
scrap samples from a local
Interior Design store.
She was throwing them into the garbage
Here are the sweet finds.
The new little journals.

Here is the completed journal
Book cover I made out of the
scrape material.
Here is were I inserted the
large journal find. I sewed pockets
to slide the book ends in            

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