Saturday, May 28, 2016

"Red Dress Angel"
12" X 36"
Oil painting on gallery 
Stretched canvas 

Angels are such an inspiration to me.
I love to paint them. To come up 
With an ideal for a setting, I look
though wedding books. They have 
beautiful ladies dressed like a princess.
I look for form and lay out. 
It is what ever catches my eye, that I'll go with.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"Baby Giraffe"
11" X 14"
Oil painting 🎨 
Stretched canvas 


  9" X 12"
Oil Painting on canvas panel

This little painting was a lot of fun the paint. So I have added the making of my santa

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hand made jounals

Hi there sure has been a cold winter. We haven't had alot of snow here in western North Carolina,  but the temps and the wind sure has been plenty.  I know that I'm ready for Spring time .
When I'm not setting at my easel painting, I'm working on making small size art jounals. Some of my jounals are made using pen & ink papers and water color papers. So if one is just wanting to sketch or desides that they would like to add some color, well they can so both to these journals. Here are a few of my little journals. Some have paper covers and some have leather covers. I look for materials that I can recycle, to make all my covers with. Some are broken down purses that I might have found at a thrift store. 
These journals are all FOR SALE:


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