Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Spring Come on you can do it"

Spring is such a beautiful time of the year.  Almost like fall.  When you wake up early in the morning, and step out onto your deck, and feel the cool fresh spring air, its like a heavenly scent. Hear the song birds singing their morning songs, and the little females working hard on there nest for the little ones. The morning is so full of life, new spring life.  The flowers a merging up from the ground.  The red maple trees is budding. All the beautiful mint and pastel colors are seen everywhere. What else could one ask for.

 I took a photo of my neighbors trees over on his farm land below my house. Just beautiful this year.

Also, snapped a few cute photo's of some little song birds eating and working hard on there nest.
Oh how I love springtime...Just wish it would warm up some.  Ye'll, I know, it will be here before we know it, then be wishing it would cool off.  Don't know though, this winter seems to have been a long cold, wet one.  Family has had there share of sickness for the year.  So, ready for spring cleaning. Need to get all those nasty germs out of here.


My husband came home early yesterday, and of course, I had a honey due list.  He was sweet enough to fix 8 shelves inside of a old cabnet I have had for 26 yrs.  I so needed a good place to put my paintings into, so that I could keep the worse enemy to a artist off, "DUST".  Now I have a small area to keep them "DUST FREE". So nice.
Well, in return, I gave my hubby a real nice hair cut, and trimmed his beard for him.  Maybe he will call that one even.  Maybe.

Well, ya'll have a wonderful blessed day.....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Beautiful Day!!

I had a wonderful day today.  It's been awhile getting out of the house. My sweet hubby took me to the Asheville Mall today. Yeah! Boy it was crowdy.  Had our self a great lunch there and enjoyed looking around.  He bought a great CD "Zack Brown".  My favorite is "Sugarland". 

Anyway, I got to go to Books-a-million too, bought a book called: Social Media Marketing...yah, for the Complete Idiot's guide...lol that's me. But sure learning alot though.  Hope to be able to apply more of it to my network.

I'm new at blogging, but Love doing something new.  Soon as I get more of my paintings completed and posted, I plan on doing alot of blogging.  I love sharing spiritual toughts and quotes.  Also hope to add lots of good info for all of use art lovers. :)

My blog is new so Please bare with me and please keep checking...Love having you drop in.

Have a wonderful safe weekend.  Cant wait for warm dry weather so my hubby and I can go riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Best place in the world, like God's love everywhere.  Also, a wonderful please to take photo's.


Hubby's Harley

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday and Saturday supper! Mmmm Good :)

Hi everyone...hope everyone is enjoying there day today.  Its been just beautiful here, but a little on the cool side. Sun is shinning and giving me spring fever. Can't wait to start opening up the windows and doing some good spring cleaning. Been trying to get over a bad cold for now, doctor orders no cleaning :(. 
I've just put together a big pot of homemade chili. Thought I would get another pot full in before hot weather, being my husband really doesn't care for chili in hot weather :). Don't know why? 

The meal for tomorrow is a homemade meatloaf, which he and my son truly love.  They like it alot as a cold meatloaf sandwich. Not me! ewh

There will be lots of rain coming tomorrow, so glad to have a jump on the cooking.  Love having most of my Saturday's for my hubby and Sunday's for the Lord. 
We go to a outstanding Baptist church called Mud Creek, yep Mud Creek Baptist Church here in our beautiful town of Hendersonville.
It big and beautiful there. Just love the people. 

Well I've been working on another art piece of the Blue Ridge Parkway, alone with working on my
Whispers of Angels. I like having a couple going, so that way the background of a landscape can be drying. Makes things a lot easier for me to put in beautiful flowers and such.  My Whispers of Angels is my 2nd ever still life, so its taking me sometime to get it finished. Sorry about that.

Well just wanted to share alittle what I've been up today. Its nice to have some of my energy back :).
Wishing all of you a wonderful and fulfilling weekend.  God bless, and come back to visit soon!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

"Chief Joseph"

"Chief Joseph" is finished. 
8 x lO oil painting
On a canvas panel

(Chief Joseph is a Nez Perce Indian (1832-1904)
Joseph was forced from his native homeland in 1877, leading 750 of his
people on a three month, 1300 mile flight, defeating the US army in seven
major battles before being captured by General Nelson Miles within 40 miles
of the Canadian border and sanctuary, where he envisioned joining Sitting Bull
and his exiled people.  Upon his surrender, Joseph said, "I will fight no more forever."
As I was painting him, I could just feel the sadness, and mixed emotions in his face.
I tried to capture that feeling as I painted.  He is full of honor and strenght.

He is up For sale,
$295.00 Original painting w/no frame
Shipping is included

Saturday, March 19, 2011

More WIP- "Chief Joseph"

A few more steps completed on my new Native American "Chief Joesph"
I only like a little more around the neck and his left ear and ear ring.
I'll post the finished result in a few days, so please check back.

WIP-"Chief Joseph"

This is the beginning of  my next Native American. 
8"x 10" Oil painting
on a Canvas Panel
I'll be adding more of the WIP as I go.  Hope that you enjoy the process to.

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