Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some things are wild

Hi, I went out today and just took a few random photos of some wild flowers and other plants.
Among these there is two that are not wild. The crate myrtle and the sunflower.
 Some plants names, I'm not sure of, but I will later look them up.
The mushrooms here were growing out in my front yard. They are really beautiful in there on way.
The first wild flower and a few others were taken up on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
I took the photo of the Sunflowers over in our town area.
It was loads of fun just looking around for photo shots. I'm by far no expert in photo taking.
But it still was great fun!
Hope you enjoy looking at the wild plants here...if you happen to know them
Please let me know. 



Crate Myrtle

Friday, July 15, 2011

"The Color Blue"

Just wanted to share this painting that is in the August issue of Paint Works. Designed by Suzie Shinseki-Courtesy of i Love ToCreate The Hydrangea Heaven is just beautiful! You can get complete instructions and step-by-step photos, at Hope you enjoy looking at this one of many great projects in this wonderful magazine. Also check out the column 'I've Got The Blues' by Jennifer Blevins her blog site:

Great New Ideas by: "PaintWorks"

Wow you need to check out Paint Works new August issue. It has loads of great new ideas to do. I just love there front cover on this issue. Would love to give it a try. Its painted in Water Color medium. :-)

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