Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Pen & Ink w/water colors


This is my first Pen & Ink with water color painting for my
New Artist Journal.
I'm so excited about working in my new journal. Can't wait
to add more to it.  I do have a couple of Oil paintings I'm working
on, but I just seem not to be able to put down my New Artist
Journal.  Oh well, I'll be adding somethings in the journal that
will later become more oil painting projects, just like this little
Pen & Ink

Artist Journal
Warbler In Dogwood

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My New Artist Journal

My New Artist Journal

It took me a little while to figure out what I want for the
cover.  I love nature, wildlife and Native American.  So I
decided to go with that theme.  I draw lots of different
kind of things, but I have to say that nature is mostly
what I love to draw. I will be getting into drawing more
people alone the way.  I'm currently practicing more on
my portrait oil paintings, so draw faces will be of a great
practice to me.

The Little necklace charm is one my son gave me as a gift.
I decided to put it here, being that I will be working and
sharing my journal alot. This way I can enjoy it more.

Here is the start of covering my journal. I'd laid out the
material I was going to use and covered everything else up, so
that I wouldn't get any over spray from my glue. It was a little 
hard to keep the spray off of the spiral part, but just before the
 glue was almost completely drid, I used some baby power to take
away the stickiness.  It worked! :) 

Below is a couple of pencil
sketch drawings I've done, so I'll be adding these to my journal.

Now that the cover is completed, onto
felling it up!!

This Pen & Ink was completed to day
Got the date wrong on the drawing. LOL
I'll be adding some water color to it soon.
This was alot of fun, setting on my front porch swing.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Artist Journal Water Color Kit

My New Artist Journal Water Color Kit

Inside you will find all kind of goodies. Three small paint brushes that I have shorten with a
pencil sharpener to have a sharp point for some use with drawing.  A drawing pencil, a couple
of makeup sponges, an eraser, paper towel, a makeup brush, a small clear container for water,
a clip to hold my paper if its windy, some blue tape for masking, a feather for marbling, and
most of all "My Water Color Kit"

The making of my water color kit was a lot of fun.  The yellow holders that the paint is held in
is half inch cut shot gun shell pieces. LOL  Yep that's right.
I melted candle wax in the bottom to hold them and keep my paint from running out.
The little tin is a pepper mint tin.  I've also add a extra tin for more palate use and
for storage of my eraser, tap and makeup brush.
My extra tin took the place of the little flat clear container you see in 1st photo.
All of my little tools are within a hard cover eye glass case. :)

Oh I can't wait to get to use this.  I'm just now starting my very first Journal.
I'll be posting some of the pages as I go, to share with you.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Business Card

I just created my New Art Business card. It was alot of fun working on this project.
Now I can print out my cards as needed.
They are printed on photo cards, using my photo printer.

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